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Address:815 4789 Yonge St

Bulid Area:


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Project introductionAddress


Project introduction

North York, the rental office, only 1038 feet is called a   $698000;

Hullmark Centre is a comprehensive introduction to Canada by Tridel and other famous builders in Hullmark, Yonge street and Sheppard subway line subway station above the intersection to create a beautiful shape, unique style, with modern comprehensive business, Premium Apartment House, luxury residential and commercial office Condo development community. The whole project includes senior commercial buildings, supermarkets, retail shops, public square, and the tallest residential building in North Yorkshire;

property [    access   4789 Yonge St. Unit 815].

[   ;   North York 

g NATO]; [] Yonge & Sheppard

main road; construction area of 1038 square feet of [

] [ ] [

16/ T.M.I.;     towards the foot;; to   to the West City Landscape [

]] rental rent, price 19/ square foot

[   ]; layer; high 12 feet [

 ];   class Commercial Professional Office

city landmark

this piece is located in the North York landmark downtown Hullmark Centre by a 49 and a 35 storey luxury building, 2 - 12 layer 49 layer building this will be the last area on sale. This area is also a luxury residential community environmental protection achieved LEED certificate, including the new Plaza senior commercial buildings, retail shops, people prosperous, and the tallest residential building in North Yorkshire, North York City for more Tim will color.

Hullmark Corporate Center information community located in the community, at Yonge street between 401 and Finch, this area is becoming Toronto Downtown outside the second most popular and most promising commercial, financial and cultural center. Known consortia and large international companies or branches are: Procter & Gamble Price, Water Coopers, Intercon, Direct Energy, Canada's 5 largest bank, Government of Canada, Ontario Insurance Corporation, Toronto Art Centre North York City Hall, etc.. Any one of these is an institution or business tycoon that has important implications for the Canadian economy.

the traffic here is the most convenient way to travel, because Toronto East and North-South subway intersection here, Hullmark Centre through the underground subway station, whether you want to go to Toronto range anywhere, subway is the most convenient way to travel. In addition, as Toronto's two largest traffic artery, Yonge street and Sheppard Avenue on the TTC bus is particularly large, choose bus travel is also a good choice. If you want to drive, drive south along Yonge street, and within minutes you'll be able to get into the 401 freeway.


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