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[exclusive] do not understand the tax is not too late! IMPACT CPA senior expert interpretation of the new tax in 2017 for you to save money! At home to celebrate the new year, 2017, truly open a new journey! And for the people who live in Canada, there is a big event to prepare for, that is "tax returns"! Canada is known as the "million tax country", where, regardless of whether or not the working income is not PR status, as long as the people living in Canada for more than 183 days are required to declare. The 2017 tax season at the end of April, missed the tax season can only wait until next year to make a report, may be fined!

There is no room to Toronto cold long weekend these activities always have a love of you! Is it a long time finally came to a long weekend family day, cold in Toronto who did not play, in fact, the government of Toronto was not idle, every holiday, these cultural entertainment to meet the people of all tastes and create a lot of activities to bring the family to have discount tickets! Read the following, Xiao Bian at least 3 activities have been selected to go!


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