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[exclusive] Bella Lee team: every 36 hours to buy a real estate success secret is only the key words of the 3 Each year through the hands of the signing of Bella Lee transaction listings have more than and 150 sets, equal to every 2 days will sell a house. And the team a year to buy

And so several skyscrapers completed Toronto into the international tall just around the corner! For so long, we always hear a self deprecating is Toronto village, fashion, brand, leisure than Europe and the United States, especially the landmark representative is not much, only New York, London and other international metropolis Nadechushou is CN Tower and First Canadian Place, Toronto's tallest building is not and the ratio of skyscrapers.


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[Graduate Student Welfare] spent so much money to study in Canada these benefits do not have to graduate after

Recently, small partners are in the exam, students will be followed by the graduation season! Don't be confused, who do not experience the transition phase, want to say here is that for the determination to stay or plan to return the display skills to the full buddies, please don't ignore you after graduation in Canada, can accumulate experience and enjoy the benefits, and understand the related immigration policy and will even intend to return, improve their own competitiveness more a choice and retreat!

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