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Ehouse411> Development> 安大略省(Ontario)> Barrie> Near Barrie large area farms, with a total area of over 88 acres, is not fast action!


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Address:Hwy26 / Wilson

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Project introduction

launched a new Barrie area near the farm, covering more than 88 acres, 358000 square meters!!!



tax exempt foreign buyers; has twelve major advantages of


1. Barrie from the city only 7 minutes,

2. adjacent to the new development of community

3.  shopping convenience, convenient transportation;

4.  interchange is located in Hwy26 and Wilson

5.  close to Wasaga beach and Collongwood

6.  to the famous tourism, ski resort in Lanshan (Blue Mountain) the

7.  is the only way which must be passed

8. golf course and Sports Center;


10.  can choose their own farm; independent three bedroom, double garage, sun room, large floor type library, plus independent workshop in

11.  overlooking the picturesque valley ski resort, near the Lake, in the small pavilion

12. is sitting on 88 acres of large recreation area, enjoy the comfortable life of suburban

because foreigners tax exempt buyers, so the farm will be a hot spot for investment of

  in recent years; the

farm picture [/ strong]

introduction: Barry (Barrie) around



; Barry (English: Barrie) is a coastal city of southern Ontario, Canada, North Town Ontario Daikin horseshoe area. Located within the territory of Barry moock Tin County, but the county administrative affairs from independent management. According to the 2011 Canadian census shows that the city's population of 135711 people in Barry, the country's top thirty-fourth cities; its metropolitan area population of 187013 people, the country's twenty-first metropolitan area.



400, Ontario Province, runs from south to north through Barry City, South to Toronto, is the city's main highway. Before the opening of highway 400, the same North-South Highway No. 11 (Central Street) is the key to Toronto. Barry's public transport service is operated by the city's Barry transportation authority. In addition, the GO transport company also provides commuter rail and bus services to and from Barry and Toronto.


; at the same time, Barry price is also very amazing, but because the price is low, there is still much room for growth.

BARRIE transactions in February the latest data: independent houses fold: $587370, an increase of 39% over the same period last year the average price of the town house: $420875, an increase of 33% over the same period last year the average price of apartments: $329259, over the same period last year, an increase of 30%

around the town are as follows: $578000. : ESSA::   40%INNISFIL: $536039; growth, growth: 28%SPRINGWATER:$705607, increase: 22%ORO-MEDONTE:$646038 increase: 32%

resort: Lanshan (Blue Mountain)


from Toronto about 150 kilometers north of the area around Collingwood (Collinwood), located in the busiest Winter Park - Ontario province Lanshan Ski Resort (Blue Mountain Ski Resort), it is also the largest mountain ski resort, a total area of 251 acres of snow the mountain, the average annual snowfall is 110 inches, 37 degree is not easy The same slide, 13 cable lift chairs, 5 free sliding space. Blue Hill Resort, basically all the amenities needed in the resort are. From hotels, spas, restaurants, equipment stores, adventure tours, playgrounds, snow fields. Lanshan ski resort also has a well-known hot springs - Scandinave Spa spa. Ski + hot springs, reallySnow and ice. Lanshan is the largest ski resort near Toronto, with an average of 750000 tickets a year, and every winter, a group of skiers will flock to the ski resort in Lanshan.

summer in Lanshan is so beautiful!





Wasaga Beach Sports Center: Barrie Community Sports Complex



; Simcoe County Museum


 : Museum;

Simcoe County Administration administrative center: Centre



  Springwater Golf golf course: Course



: Snow Valley Ski Resort

  ski resort for

; more information


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