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Project introduction

white-collar workers are the main consumer group of coffee shops, and coffee shops seem to be essential in every office building. Usually a building of white-collar workers can raise a coffee shop more than sufficient! If a coffee shop two or more of the office building is ensured, and the transfer of the coffee shop is three a large office building! But it is the only coffee shop block! Because the coffee shop is located in the lobby of three bank offices, and the only shop where coffee and breakfast can be sold, which is equivalent to a city coffee shop. It has a competitive edge!

the three office buildings are all big banks under the package, this year has just continued more than 20 years of long lease, and re decoration office, so the source is very stable, the next 20 years at least, can worry about the boss!

this coffee shop brand is specialized in the office building, the government building's chain brand, in the city center white-collar crowd's cognition is high. Breakfast and lunch are served with coffee, fruit juice, and simple meals. They are easy to handle and easy to use. But they are also popular with white-collar workers. The

store is the brand's flagship store, there have been more than 25 years of history, thus accumulated a large number of customers, in addition to the three office building, near the company also often come to order. As a result, business is very stable. Because the owner needs to move with his family, foreign countries are reluctantly transferred.

shop has a short business hours, only 5 days a week, holiday break! Let you enjoy both starting a business, making money when you are a boss, and you can work and relax, take a leisurely vacation, and take care of your family!

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm 

                                  on Saturday closed shop, weekly holiday two days

& nbsp;                

holidays! The store more than 600 thousand annual sales, net profit of 180 thousand! Only bid $588800, at present, the owner basically does not advertise or promote, if appropriate increase publicity, business volume is bound to continue to rise!

if you want to have a white-collar, enviable normal working hours, and elegant and comfortable office environment, but also want to have white-collar workers is difficult to get autonomy and financial freedom, this is the best choice!

such business opportunities, can not meet the opportunity to seize the opportunity to achieve success in life, that is, contact about! All the business that I represent can assist in applying for commercial loans, with loans up to 75%!

please do not go without permission, not to ask any staff questions, so as not to affect the normal operation. If you need to check or have any questions, please contact the sole agent. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


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