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Project introduction

Toronto famous university - York University, has more than 60 thousand students, the campus has been expanding, students continue to expand enrollment every year. Therefore, the foodcourt business in York University is very hot, students continue, business is also more steady flow, which also makes the York University foodcourt shops become the golden eggs hen! Hard to find a shop, a lot of people rent and not Food court business is nearly 10 years almost no site. Food Court of York University is a guarantee of good business! The

site is a fast-food chain, is located in the center of the York University student Food Court! East main business for 10 years, have earned enough and enjoy her retirement expenses, children have fairly good jobs and opportunities, so decided to put the business opportunity to transfer to the vision of people, let the other family can replicate their success and happiness!

store, the main batch of pizza, fried chicken wings, as well as salad, French fries and other snacks, all raw materials provided by the headquarters, easy to operate, quick to start. Pizza is also one of the most popular foods for students and teachers, especially for student gatherings, staff dinners, and teaching dinners. Pizza is an essential food. Therefore, the store's business has been booming!

at present, the owner is only open for about 200 days a year, the business hours are short, so you can have more room for development!

Business Hours: every year in April to August 11am-3:30pm  on Saturday closed shop, weekly holiday two days

                  from September to March 9:30am-10pm Sunday closed shop, a weekly day off.

                                    every August and December, closed shop owner who retired 3 weeks off

, leisurely mentality conservative, negative business, does not provide room service. Don't even join the company telephone ordering center. Even so, business income over 650 thousand Canadian dollars, net profit of more than 210 thousand, only $688000, and , the seller will in charge of the whole store all the new decoration costs, which give you a new high-end stores! plus owner shop is only about 200 days a year , this store has great potential, if you are a man, will be at least 20-30% increased the turnover of ,   in less than 3 years to return to the !

such business opportunities, can not meet the opportunity to seize the opportunity to achieve success in life, that is, contact about! All the business that I represent can assist in applying for commercial loans, with loans up to 75%!

please do not go without permission, not to ask any staff questions, so as not to affect the normal operation. If you need to check or have any questions, please contact the sole agent. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

(all the business I represent can assist in applying for commercial loans up to 75%! Contact 416-879-8848 for more details! )


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