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[exclusive interview] Faramarz A.Jafari: ancient Persian descent, inherit the three generations of family business secrets

Datetime:2017/8/31 Author:SindiaEditor:sindiahe

"squandering charming eyes" to describe most of the region's real estate market is really a bit too, both for a long time, I do not know how to deal with, can only hold a wait-and-see attitude, in this case the buyers to enter the real estate market? Mr. Faramarz A.Jafari, a Persian descendant of Toronto, who lived in the vast majority of the property market, told us his story. The

family business secret: honesty and trust Mr.

Jafari came to Canada in 2000, has been operating luxury business for 11 years, won the top sales in the international famous jewelry brand Tiffany Co.

as an ancient civilization, Persian Dynasty descendants, for business, he has his own unique views. He believes that "honesty" and "trust" are the principles of his own business, but also the principle of his life. How to win the trust of each other, it takes time to manage. "Rome wasn't built in a day."!" He said he had a guest who had come to visit his family's jewelry business as long ago as his grandfather. The relationship remained the same today, and the old customer's grandson bought the ring and found it without hesitation, Mr. Jafari.

since 2003 to enter the real estate industry has 53 fixed customers regularly contact Mr. Jafari, these customers in some family, relatives and friends to introduce each other stable source form, remember his first clients have found he bought property around Mr Jafari, this is everywhere non self occupied real estate investment. All this is due to Mr. Jafari's honesty and trustworthiness, and he has earned a great reputation for himself!

to join the real estate for 10 years

speaking and real estate bonds, Mr. Jafari said with a smile, the Persians and Chinese as has a long history, is also on the house has a special sense of dependence, Chinese pay attention to "live", so it is. To Canada first year Mr. Jafari bought two apartments, a place to live, another re decoration after the sale, this shift the house, first brought benefits to the newcomers with Mr. Jafari! Mr Jafari said he would buy an apartment every year, then renovate and sell it, after a year or two of investment and sales, with some hands-on experience. In 2003, he decided to leave the dazzling luxury jewelry industry, BridlepathProgressive Real Estate Inc.

turned into a Real Estate Company the company consists of many professional brokers, Mr Jafari, with his rich experience and unique perspective, to find the suitable construction land for the entire team, communicate with the seller to buy land, and then discuss with the municipal government. Cooperation with the developers involved in the overall planning, construction etc.. The hardest part of this complex process is dealing with every small land, persuading them to sell their land and participate in the project. Of course, it's fun to have challenges, and Mr. Jafari describes it as an "interesting game."". Mr.

Jafari has won the company's Top 5 elite for 4 consecutive years, and the company sees him as the most trusted and reliable investment partner of the year. As a senior real estate broker, he hopes to provide customers with the latest, most accurate, comprehensive information and analysis, always exceeding customer expectations!

a unique method of the real estate market to become a qualified real estate brokerage, says Mr Jafari, a comprehensive understanding of business information must be. At ordinary times, he likes driving his own car in the big Toronto area, but don't underestimate this step. Driving around Toronto is to know every region, every community, every inch of land in Toronto. Judging by the value of the house, Mr. Jarfari has his own way of thinking that the value of the house should not be affected by market prices. Lot size, community position, surrounding school districts and facilities are the criteria for assessing the value of a house! "No one wants to spend millions to buy a house and end up in a bad neighborhood."!"

at the beginning of this year, the real estate market gains huge, but in the past few months, changing, but no one can predict the future, for example, in May this year had a friend introduced a couple looking for Mr. Jafari to buy a house, Mr. Jafari first asked the family to the couple, in the understanding of the situation of the family income, Mr Jafari told them, for a family of four, want to buy second sets of real estate as an investment, is difficult to achieve in the monthly income of 10 thousand cases. The couple repeatedly stressed that they buy friends, but as a professional real estate brokerage, Mr Jafari gave them just a few, if the first house mortgage loan, the purchase of second sets of real estate, so the first house loan will rise again, each month will be about 5000 of the loans, if you want to buy second sets the price of around 1 million 500 thousand houses, there will be another sum of about 5000 of the loans to be repaid in such a situation, the monthly wage paid monthly loan, but also how to supportWhat about other expenses for the family?

for buyers who want to replace the property, Mr. Jafari reminded must consider the Domino effect. The mortgage of the first house to secure the second house, when the chain of funds goes wrong, will soon lose all of its property! Sometimes, Mr Jafari argues, it's not just about buying and selling, but sometimes you have to learn to give up and give up some business that's not going to happen!  

market is experiencing adjustment

early in the real estate market has appeared for several consecutive months of rising prices, then prices have come down, many people will focus on the second half of the real estate trend forecast. In this regard, the twelve years of senior real estate broker gives an unexpected answer. Mr

Jafari's image likened it to a head trying to stop the elephant". From November 2016 to May 2017, prices continued to rise, and rising fast, beyond everyone's expectations, and from May until the beginning of August ten, this week, prices have come down, so the real estate market need to adjust the time, the final transaction amount will rise to the original level, but these adjustments are needed for a process. With Mr Jafari's experience, the process will take about two to three years to complete.

sees here, can not help but ask, can't you buy and sell a house in this two years? Mr. Jafari said, for when the highest price, which is in November last year to May this year, buyers, because in the highest price to buy a house, finally be unable to complete the transaction, was forced to give up the deposit. Mr. Jafari's advice to these buyers is that they depend on the amount of the deposit and the price of the house. If you complete the transaction, please be patient, depending on the recovery of the house price.

, for example, a 3 million house in Toronto needs to pay a deposit of between 150 thousand and -20 million, which is not a small amount for the average person. This could be a family annual income! Therefore, to complete the transaction, wait for the market adjustment period of about 3 years, looking for a suitable price when sold, then, in addition to take to earn to buy a house when the principal, may have a certain profit. Mr Jafari believes no crystal ball to predict the future, but from his experience, the real estate market will be in 1-2 years after the return to the state before, after 1 to one and a half years the real estate market will rise again.

in MR Jafari's view, the buyers are in a wait state, many people are still unable to make a decision, but by February and March of next year, the market will gradually become clear, and two years ago, showed a slow upward trend. If you want to have an income in the current market, so please note, the most need is patience, for the amount of investment for ripe enough.

life bright accommodation

choosing diamonds as a senior real estate brokerage, he hopes to find the best "diamond" shelter for customers, provide market information and analysis of the latest and the most accurate and comprehensive, always exceed customer expectations! Good people are busy all the time, and we appreciate Mr. Jafari's busy schedule to provide us with so much information and experience.

said the plan this year, Mr. Jafari said he is currently focused on the development of the construction of a large apartment, which he is the sole agent of the project, located at 3 Southvale Drive Leaside Manor, only 39. Another project that has just been completed is located in Caledon District, north of Toronto. It is an independent house which is customized according to the customer's needs. Interior decoration fashion and luxury, just completed, it became the region's most popular housing, has attracted much attention!

accurate investment vision, honest and trustworthy business standards, the road along the road, I believe that Mr. Jafari will become the real estate sector dazzling diamonds!

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