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[exclusive interview] RE/MAX Toronto will sell the most women Bella Lee: current market sellers need confidence and patience

Datetime:2017/8/3 Author:NicoleEditor:Helen

said that after 420, Toronto's housing market became bad, and many Canadian real estate brokers went on a long vacation. But on weekends, as long as you drive around Bayview, you'll find that many of the houses are for sale before the Bella Lee. Who is this woman? Why is there such a big influence? Why are so many owners looking for her agent house? reporters walked into RE/MAX, north of Branch, with curiosity, visiting some mysterious property circles. Open the door to see is a special smiling Korean sister, amiable and easy of approach, she is our interview hero, Bella Hallmark Bella Lee Group founder Re/Max Realty.

to the housing market is "stick to", the customer is "responsible",

Bella is Korean, in Toronto engaged in the housing market has been more than 15 years. Speaking of the recent housing market in Toronto has cooled, Bella said that other companies, many real estate brokers to go on vacation, I think after 420, the property market cold, pause, and so on, the market has recovered, and then come back to work. However, Bella has been "sticking to it", and the biggest motivation to stick to it is that she does not see it as a job, but also a part of everyday life.

"if a 9-5 job you are doing, you can quit anytime, but my business and my life is integrated, so many customers waiting for me, whether the market is good or bad, I can not leave."

established a diversified team, multilingual services,

years of adherence to the real estate of various ethnic clients, so that the name "Bella Lee" is a household name in nato. In the Canadian housing market share of the first RE/MAX company, Bella Lee personal ranking of all second in Toronto, Canada seventh. However, Bella is particularly humble in the face of these "glory". She always repeats, and it all comes down to good times and her good team.

Bella Lee has years of experience in housing construction in Asia, and now her husband is still engaged in real estate development. Couples work together and help each other, which gives Bella a better understanding of the needs of customers and the uniqueness of each suite.

10 years ago, Bella found that Toronto was developing into a globalized multicultural city, attracting immigrants from different countries, different colors and different nationalities. Therefore, Bella has established a multi-cultural real estate brokerage team, team members from Korea, China, Iran and other countries, speaking different languages, services, different cultural backgrounds of customers.

some ethnic love hoard, some love building, some love to buy a house, every ethnic group members perform their duties with the team, full of passion, to help each other, to a common goal. Although sometimes, as the market fluctuations, will encounter a variety of problems, need to bear great pressure, but we always work together to tide over the storm.

customer satisfaction is very important. Bella said that as a broker, every day, hour, and minute should be for the sake of customers, and customer satisfaction also makes her very satisfied. From the sale of tens of millions of luxury customers, to sell to buy a small room condo, and even help students rent all the same. Our customers are full of praise for the Bella, brand building is by word of mouth, gradually more and more customers, the team is growing.

Bella said: "the team has been here for 10 years, and we share the joys and sorrows of the family.". When the housing market is good, we are busy, and when the housing market is near, we are waiting patiently. As captain, I also put myself on the high side. I have to work hard to give feedback to my customers and my team members."

in addition to the excellent team, there is another secret to Bella's success: diligence. Bella assistant told reporters, in ten years, which made impressive achievements, she is still like a new entrants to the brokerage, study every day not to mind taking the trouble of market trends, as long as there is time, she will go to every region around himself. Assistant to her sometimes let out on the market for a long time can not sell the house list, print a thick stack of materials, carefully prepared every potential housing information, prepare a detailed plan for selling the house, finally choose the appropriate time to visit. Bella feels that it helps to sell the house at the right price.

seller's market equilibrium buyers rational choice

a lot of people say that the Toronto market is slowing, for Bella, this does not mean that problems in the market now, as mentioned by many people "is not a good time". Bella said: "in my business more than 10 years of experience in the housing market, there are always ups and downs, everything has turned upside down so that you can't expect it to always maintain a state that is not called the market."

Bella believes that Toronto is not quite a buyer's market at the momentA market that is changing from a seller's market to a buyer's market, or a balanced market for both buyers and sellers.

many property buyers now feel that, compared to the peak value, and now prices are down, and should wait, and so likely will be able to bargain hunters. In Bella view, the decisive factor in buying a house is what you buy, what kind of house do you want to buy?. For example, the 905 area may be turning to the buyers' market, but apartment buildings, uncompleted flats and new houses in downtown Toronto have maintained strong growth momentum, and many people want to enter the market.

similarly, Bella points out that the apartment is a target for Toronto's housing market, and that the growth of apartments is strong, indicating that the people just need to be strong.

in terms of seasonal patterns, many people travel out in the second quarter of each year, and sales are down very well. But every year in August, there will be a large number of students and new immigrants to Toronto, the housing boom is inevitable, because there will be demand supply.

recently, the tax hike in Ontario, the bank interest rate hike, and the housing price comparisons have actually fallen before, and in Bella's view, these are only part of the market self-regulation. After that, life continues, the demand for housing, or to buy a house.

"if you're an investor, you can slowly look for opportunities.". If you find the right house, it's the right time to buy a house. If there is a strong demand for housing, while the relative balance of the housing, you see the love the house can have the opportunity to spend a good price to buy, and when the housing market is hot, you may not get to see, the house has been sold."

sellers need confidence and patience,

recently there are many news reports, Toronto house listing more, and simply can not sell. Bella said that for sellers, the house is good, nor is it entirely determined by the housing market quality. Bella agent luxury house, when the market is hot, listing average 10 days after the sale. In the current market, some houses will take 2 to 3 months to sell. This is because in the market environment now, buyers and sellers bargaining like tug of war.

but many houses need to see how long it is to meet the right people. One of Bella's listing is in C12's mansion, the price is more than ten million, three months ago, the market is still good when it has been listed, has not sold. And the day before the interview, just received a conditional offer, than three months ago received offer price is still high, reached 93% of the asking price, the guests are very satisfied with the sale.

so many houses are not showings, the city is not easy to sell, the focus is to meet the most suitable that buyer, but also a certain luck.

for now want to sell people, the most needed is confidence, but also need patience. Selling may take longer, and sometimes it's like getting married. You're waiting for the right person to come along.

investors can increase the proportion of commercial property,

Bella team of many customers are from all over the world investors, often will invest the largest part of the investment in the housing market. Previously, many guests only concerned about the residential market, because housing prices rose rapidly in previous years, each year can guarantee 10% to 15% of the proceeds.

is now experiencing a new situation in the housing market, suggesting investors need to re plan the percentage of investment in the property market. Bella's proposal is that investors can focus on commercial real estate, redistribute the proportion of investment in the housing market, increase investment diversity, diversify investment risks, and make investment healthier, more balanced and more robust.

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