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Don't give up [] has high version of the life is not a special channel - Toronto feng shui master Wu Ziming exclusive interview

Datetime:2017/7/15 Author:KellyEditor:Kelly

talking about feng shui, many people might say, "no, superstition?"

" Feng Shui traced, and Buddhism prevailed in the intersection, in essence, Feng Shui penetration in life, in practice, it is not an integrated science and theology, but." You do not understand these things, and the famous Toronto legend, Canada is one of the famous 4 Feng Shui Wu Ming after the chat can be filled with wisdom.

in Toronto, too many people about Wu Ming's name, too many people have heard of his legend, there are too many people who want to see him for not simply about Feng shui. Hongkong old Chinese, with more than 50 years, customers in over 57 countries, multinational corporations, banks, hotels, real estate developers, a large group of all his guests, the University opened the geomancy class, thousands of Song poetry, Beijing Institute of Technology published two books of poetry in the.

and then served as the "general counsel of Mexico HILTAGO  , Feng Shui;" "in 1996 the United Nations international conference speaker   feng shui design city city"; "Jamaica Kingston city Feng Shui general counsel."

...... every step, let a person look.

went into his office as the study, historical records, contract awards, numerous ancient science over the wall he said, "I work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, because there are friends and guests to exchange time many Southeast Asian countries, to wake up before they go to bed at work has become the norm."

like every good care of the elderly, Wu Ziming looks younger than many, also may be due to the complex he insisted day practicing qigong.

"can you say what is Feng Shui? How do you understand the ordinary people who haven't studied it?"" The reporter asked the first question.

"life regulation method is Feng Shui, grasp the environment, direction and layout, urging Kyrgyzstan avoid fierce."." He thought a little, and succinctly defined the definition of Feng shui.

"young man, don't give up easily

50 years ago, because of health reasons by the Canadian immigration visa N, in the meantime, he met an elder said to him," young man, don't give up easily!" This is a clear, one of the most common advice, he was remembered and inspirational, but also by virtue of unyielding perseverance, go to the Immigration Department "sit attack every day, eventually moved the immigration officer got Canada visa, arrived in Canada Wu Ziming also opened a lucky mode of life.

Waterloo to pursue a bachelor's degree in mathematics, students sometimes help, he did not think Hongkong has been sentenced to save what was commuted to 10 years in Canada, deaf listening has been successful cure at the local hospital surgery, the Fu Fu Xi disaster, and thanks to the deaf so many years of life experience, his eyes more. More than ordinary people, can say, touch for him after work is the study of Feng shui.

I owe it to Canada, and I feel grateful for that!" In 2010, Wu Ziming was active in the running for Congress wanted to repay Canada, although this did not choose his political career, but there is a way to pick him, deep study of feng shui culture, service needs of the crowd, for 20 years.

service multinational cross-border multi domain

1991, he is the first in the history of Jamaica by the UN invited Feng Shui and guest speaker, really promoting cultural Everbright Chinese.

1993, the governor of Mexico invited him to examine, the construction of regional planning in the state and the city, he divided the precise industrial and commercial, tourism and other industries layout, it is said that the state has become the richest in Mexico, the most economically developed states.

currently, he is a consultant to all banks in India and a consultant to a number of CIBC branches in Toronto. He used to be an ordinary employee of CIBC. All letters seem to indicate that the

on the wall over all.

opened his own life password

main numerology Feng Shui and Wu Ziming explains each creature with a password, everyone is born numerology has its own password, numerology and comprehensive mathematical science of Feng Shui, knowledge and related research is very wide, Feng Shui is hidden in his date of birth when the password to help people more clearly understand yourself and change yourself.

"how to buy a house in Toronto to see feng shui?" is there any secret?"

Wu Ziming smiled and stood up and handed the reporter a poem of his own. He said, "send you a poem I wrote first."!"

"Toronto song" elegant freely but meaning long, rare to see God, how can we miss the show, reporters continue to ask ask several recruit the most basic knowledge of Feng Shui layout, let us satisfy the users desire.

room feng shui numerology to calculate according to my five lines, each numerology is completely different, some books online geomancy how can for all the people, how to make the placement?"

obviously, he has to answer this question many times a day. At first, he feels like he has not said it, and he thinks it over. Maybe this is a responsible and reasonable answer.

in this regard, he also very seriously reminded us, the force of our lives in the rut "election room feng shui common sense", these dry recommend you mark:

* open the door, the road is not good, the situation! The

way is not necessarily the election taboo, according to personal numerology, some even more and more prosperous.

* doesn't have the idea of what kind of house is suitable for a given year.

if the 2017 chicken year suits, next year does not suit, must move?

* is not necessarily bad on the freeway! For example,

404 and YONGE near, so many expensive millions of houses, there are 404 side effect, the quality of Toronto's structure of the house shut the window, do not listen to, and the housing area is suitable for personal numerology is more important.

* south of the house is not necessarily the best

  similarly, the intimate relationship between the house and the master is composed of five elements and to determine the range of numerology, five for the owner if it is gold, the south is fire, it is not good fortune.

* goldfish misplaced will you

not at home to find a place to put the goldfish can lucky, the guest had the garage into a big fish bowl, put in the wrong position finally lose things too numerous to mention.

so, not all absolute general layout of Feng Shui, fortune five, It differs from man to man.

"I heard that the house is not suitable under the bridge. How about many apartments in Toronto under the bridge?""

happened to have encountered such a project, Wu Ziming let him participate in solving problems. The apartment on the bridge is certainly not good, he told reporters that 18 years will start downtown a view of the lake floor is the case, the Great Lakes and parks are not blocked, the view is very beautiful, just next to the bridge too close, time developers invited him to give advice and suggestions, and finally Hu Ming planning parking lot to build a 5-6 story. In the parking lot, let the apartment on the 1 floor above the deck, from Feng Shui beautiful apartment floor next to the bridge to avoid troubles.

don't say how much to save and create economic value, the added building physics measures do you still dare to assert that Feng Shui is a superstition, Feng Shui mystery and magic, given a geomant "the existence of God", unqualified practitioners should have the courage.

who hold that all countries Jiangshan

57 here, China more than 30 provinces, these amazing data on him seem ordinary, he is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin from Canada to learn communication, daily high-intensity work, adhere to the "dedication", as he did in "Toronto song". The phrase "who they are here to make it".

regardless of famous politicians, popular literature or art is his guest, his attitude to the guest service only, no distinction or distinction,.

as the Chinese, in addition the fate he never give up, every month, he will receive the domestic numerous dignitaries, celebrities, big well-known large enterprises, real estate group invite investigation, fall over each other hired him as a Feng Shui consultant.

real estate circles in Toronto, he is known, and more than 39 developers to become partners, participate in the architectural design of housing development, including the concept of Fengshui and, towards the president even office building and energy-saving, room layout.

is so popular, and not every feng shui master can do, both personality and professional, do not give up, have a high version of the life, no special channel, they do not leave the word of mouth.

"what kind of people, which is worthy of you to decide what kind of life, life in the first few layers, congenital by numerology, by the day after tomorrow."

said Masaoki entirely, Wu Ziming pointed to the young young themselves, then pulls out his poem reading to us, he laughed and said, "you look forward to the better, to do after the activities I have written message for you!"

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