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Do you have any safety checks in Canada?

Datetime:2017/1/12 Source: Author:Editor:Kelly

live in Canada, the check is a commonly used tool, general account is one of the most important accounts for everyone in daily life, return the credit card bills, pay rent utilities, mostly through checking accounts payable.

and the vast majority of companies are currently using Direct Deposit direct deposit services will be paid to the deposit account. And domestic is different, Canada's checking account mostly to pay a monthly fee beyond the use of limit the need for additional pay, so choose a good check account is very important. In addition,

checks back records, so it is safer than cash transactions. However, the use of checking accounts also requires a certain amount of security knowledge, this paper describes in detail. The necessity of

open a checking account. Some people think that, since checking accounts often need to pay a monthly fee, so just open a savings account (Saving  Acount) on the line, anyway, when buying things always let people choose to pay or deposit account payment from a checking account. However, the general Saving Account is only allowed to free trade once a month, after each transaction will charge a fee of $1-5 per Canadian, it is not worthwhile.

and, not everyone will carry a credit card, if you need to pay a sum of money to another person, also want to leave evidence, write a check is the easiest way. A checking account allows you to quickly and safely pay the money you pay for it than a cash or debit card or online payment. The check itself is also a kind of evidence.

check account check account with many

related knowledge beyond the limit on the number of free transfers, you need to pay the service fee, usually 25 times a month or so enough free use, when we are to use a credit card.

more convenient service is that the use of a checking account can be pre authorized to automatically charge bills, such as online payment, automatic payment, etc.. It should be noted that, if you set the automatic deduction of water and electricity charges, the balance is not enough, each time the automatic deduction will trigger the bank's overrun warning system, each will produce a fine. Therefore, in a checking account, an automatic payment is required to ensure that there is enough money in the checking account. There are many forms of

checking accounts, which can be owned by an individual or a joint account of several persons. A business, government, nonprofit, or other legal entity can also have a checking account.

check the safety instructions for

1, please make sure that there is enough money in the checking account before you open the cheque. Otherwise check because of insufficient funds available by the beneficiary bank refused to charge aside, this is called bounced check. Bounced check is a serious impact on the credit behavior, malicious illegal fraud out large lip-service.

2, absolutely do not sign on the check, not to write the object and amount of payment. The reason for this is that with your signature, anyone can fill in the numbers and contents on the cheque. If you lose your check, you need to report it to the bank in time.

is only a signature check called "blank endorsed" (blank  endorsement), do not throw any wrong check and blank check, if someone ask you a blank check, must write in "VOID" (void) ".

if only the wrong point, with the acronym signature can ensure effective checks, so make sure each check will not be abused.

3, if you want to deposit a check, whether you intend to keep up immediately, or a few days, please remember the blank area at the back of the cheque written on:

For  deposit  only  at  [name  of  bank]

Account  [your  account  number]

[Your  name]

that can keep you the cheque will not be stolen, there are other people claiming to be your bank account.

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