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In 2017, each Canadian family spent more than 1600 yuan!

Datetime:2017/1/12 Source: Author:Editor:Kelly
New year new budget for

. Because of many factors, the average Canadian family spends more on daily life in 2017.

double inflation this year will undoubtedly increase the cost of living. Craig Alexander Conference Board of chief economist Canada wrote in his blog: "inflation is expected to reach two percentage points this year, this year the number will increase the overhead, average every Canadian family will spend more than 1600 yuan."

inflation does not pose a threat to the economy as a whole, but for ordinary people, it is necessary to spend more money is." is the daily cost of Canada's apparent rise: fuel and energy costs, which have nearly doubled since 2016, are a direct stimulus to gasoline prices. "The crude oil prices means that Canadians on average in 2017 to spend ten percent to give my car a tank of gas." Craig Alexander wrote in a blog. Gasoline prices also means increased business costs, and the price of goods and services will increase. "I think the price will be higher in 2017 than in the past 2 to 3 years," said Dan McTeague, a gasoline analyst." Alberta and Ontario have also increased their carbon emissions by fuel and heating costs by carbon pricing. Food prices due to the Canadian dollar exchange rate fell, the cost of imports, fruit and vegetable prices will certainly rise. In 2015, Canada and the United States each day 2 billion 400 million yuan of goods and services transactions. Trump threatened to crack down on measures such as free trade agreements, and what policies he would use to see. Dalhousie University last month's report pointed out that in 2017 the Canadian family will spend 420 yuan on food. Other costs in 2017 and car related products will rise by at least two percent, including cars, trucks and auto parts. Transportation costs will rise. Health and education prices will rise by more than inflation, will rise at least two point five percent. The Federal Reserve's interest rate is rising, leading to Canada's housing mortgage will rise.

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