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300 thousand dollars can buy a large house in the city of Canada?

Datetime:2017/1/12 Author:HelenEditor:Helen

to buy a house in China, we ask how much a square metre, but in Canada to buy a house to find out how many square meters of a house, is a very common thing. Under normal circumstances, to buy a house in Ontario, listing only tell you the house covers an area of large, the most telling you the square foot covers an area of 1000 square feet to 1400 square feet in 600, or to 900 foot range.

in Vancouver, the floor area is a standard operating procedures, but in Toronto, the landlord's dictionary does not seem to have the word "square feet".

real estate portal Point2 Homes to do a survey to collect the major cities in Canada sales of residential area data, would like to see the Canadian housing unit area to sell how much money.

results surprising!

each unit area price difference is huge!

, for example, in Vancouver, a 339 square foot, a closet size condo apartment, the price can be bought in Sherbrooke, Quebec, a more than 2000 square feet of the house. This is almost the same as that of China's first tier cities and three rural areas The following is a comparison chart of

, $300 thousand can buy a house in the city in canada. The unit is square feet, square meters need to be converted into your own brother and find the valley of snake, small weakness......

more than 50 cities in Canada from Point2 Homes screened in 30 cities to obtain reliable data. According to the January 11th XE exchange rate of $300 thousand, equivalent to about 1 million 580 thousand yuan.

there is no doubt that Vancouver is the country's highest unit prices in Canada, second is actually the Ontario Richmond Hill, the three or four are in the greater Vancouver area Richmond and Burnaby, while Toronto only ranked fifth.

why do Chinese people like to buy a house in Canada?

ranks third among the most popular overseas home buyers in china. Although Canada is very expensive, but more and more Chinese immigrants, students, investors choose to buy a house here, which is why?

in recent years, Vancouver has become the China buyers rushed to seize the market, in July 2016, the BC government announced for foreign buyers to raise taxes, it did not reduce the enthusiasm for China buyers of the real estate market in canada. For example,

, a Shanghai high-tech industry, in BC Province, a set of 6000 square feet for Surrey (557 square meters) of the house for his wife and daughter. He needs to fly back to China every month between China and Canada, but he believes that all the sacrifices are well worth it, because children can be educated in the West and can go abroad to study.

Shanghai house prices higher than the Toronto

media compared to the Canadian House and Shanghai house.

Shanghai's north-west corner of a two bedroom home sale prices as high as $2 million. A 400 square foot (37 square meters) near

apartment, watching more shabby, but still out of the $1 million 600 thousand price, parking spaces need to pay an additional 60 thousand dollars.

even so, the houses are still selling fast. So, a lot of people in Shanghai have started to buy a house in Canada, and then look at the

map of China in December 2016, the average price of Beijing has more than 50 thousand

per square meter, more than 40 thousand in Shanghai. Do you know why people come to Canada to buy a house? The cost of living in Toronto is higher than that of Shanghai

, according to reports from relevant websites, Toronto has defeated Vancouver to become the most popular city for Chinese buyers. Then, Shanghai and Toronto prices in the end how much difference?

website calculations, per square metre, prices in Toronto and Shanghai prices is $6500; $8100;

70% Chinese buyers are looking for 300 thousand to $1 million for the house in Canada, 30% of the Chinese buyers looking for $1 million 500 thousand or more the house.

, however, the cost of living in Toronto is much more expensive than in Shanghai, according to data from the world's more than 2 thousand cities in December 2016.

eat: Toronto than your 5%

rental: Toronto than your 16%

traffic: Toronto than your 84%



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