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Bank of Canada launched a reform program to strengthen housing loan services

Datetime:2017/1/12 Source:RCI with CBC Author:Editor:Helen

Canada's commercial bank executive meeting, the major banks in Canada are preparing to launch the reform of the service plan.

, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported Tuesday in Toronto at the Canadian commercial bank executives meeting, CIBC CEO Victor Dodig believes that more and more customers than to Bank branch, but love in the online processing of its banking business, but this is only the beginning of change.

Toronto Dominion Bank President Bharat Masrani even think that the current fashion with the new trend of intelligent mobile phone access to the Internet banking may be transitional, even after the intelligent mobile phone does not need to put the bank business deal.

David , President of the Royal Bank of Canada, McKay, and Vachon, President of the National Bank of China, Louis stressed that the new technology of artificial intelligence will bring revolutionary changes in banking services.

, however, the president of the Bank of Montreal Bill Downe stressed that both the use of the latest technology for bank customer service, but also to provide customers face to face customer service.

many banks in Canada are ready to narrow the size of the branch, and strive to make the simple access and payment automation business, and the bank employees to provide advisory services.

for Canadian commercial banks, the housing loan business is still the main source of profit, so the major banks will continue to strengthen the service.

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