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Toronto warm heart dad spent 30 thousand to build a luxury version of the ship tree house

Datetime:2017/1/11 Source: Author:Editor:Kelly

buddies remember Toronto warm heart father built for the kids Deluxe type tree house story, then the tree house is completed, the relevant departments received a neighbor's complaint, the government ordered its demolition, then Mayor John Tory personally to relevant departments to intercede failed to make the tree house escape the fate of being removed, the relevant departments still insist that the good father removed within the time specified in the tree house. However, the latest news that the father has reached an agreement with the relevant departments, the tree house can be retained! It is reported that in 2016 June, Toronto

, a warm heart to spend $30000 yuan for father children built ship tree house was completed, it is a happy thing, did not think the neighbors in violation of regulations on land use reason to the Ontario Municipal Management Committee (Ontario Municipal Board) complaints, then Ontario municipal management Committee ordered John Alpeza the tree house demolition.

in order to keep the tree house, let the children have a happy place to play, John Alpeza has been working hard. On Thursday, John Alpeza finally reached an agreement with the Ontario municipal management committee, the municipal management committee agreed to retain the tree house, but he must reduce the height of the tree house, and the construction of the fence between the tree house with a neighbor, it will not affect the neighbor's privacy.

John Alpeza said that although he needs to spend more money to rebuild the tree house, but at least the tree house can be saved, which is a good news for themselves and their children.

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