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The 1 anniversary of the implementation of the promotion of fertility of 6500 people completed the dream

Datetime:2017/1/11 Source: Author:Editor:Kelly

the Ontario government promoting family planning programs (Ontario Fertility Program) has been implemented for one year, during the family benefit thousands, so as to achieve the establishment of family or family to a more perfect dream.  

today, governor Wayne and his wife, who participated in the project, celebrate the success of the project and the joy and happiness of the new life. Ontario aprolific project is launched in December 2015, has funded 6500 people undergoing in vitro fertilization (in vitro fertilization, referred to as IVF) and related reproductive services.   in vitro fertilization,

, is a medical procedure that takes an egg out of the ovary, which is fertilized in vitro and then transplanted into the uterus. Each IVF cycle, if it is carried out privately, need to charge up to 10000 yuan or more, in addition to the cost of medication, therefore, the average person is difficult to bear. Each of the 6 infertile couples who have Ontario family, 1 are unable to pay the expenses. Ontario aprolific project helps to reduce the cost of IVF surgery, so that because different infertility family, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or province family status can benefit.  

, the improvement of reproductive opportunities, to conceive of the channel, the provincial capital is through the "patient interests first: Health Action Plan" (Patients first: Action Plan for Health Care) and create a link for a better plan of ontario.  : Wayne, governor of

, said: infertility problems can cause unpleasant emotions, can also cause economic nightmare. We carried out this project to help thousands of families to reduce the economic burden, to achieve the establishment of a family or a better family dream. I look forward to continuing this project, would like to see more families and more happy, happy and healthy.

Ontario Health and long term care department director He Shijin (Dr. Eric Hoskins) said: the Ontario every six couples, one by family problems. We would like to see the implementation of this project will be only a year, so many families welcome. Children are our future. The creation of a reasonable and help the family project, is to build a happy family in support of the people of the province, and to the people of the province to help IVF.  

; Ontario children and youth Hall (Michael Coteau) tall figure said: "I'm proud proud is that the provincial government to support the people of the province, and has taken active steps to strengthen the adoption of our system, and try to maintain the whole process smooth and successful. All children and adolescents in Ontario deserve support, life in the lovely warm home. I feel excited is that many families in Ontario efforts to achieve this goal a step forward.  

IVF Conceivable Dreams promotion organization President Danielle Xavier said: the Ontario government to promote family planning programs, is set an example, showing the leading spirit, let the other provinces to follow. We congratulate all accepted this project to help the family today, to celebrate their family adds new members, to celebrate their new hope that. The

governor Wayne (in) and some involved in promoting the project project to celebrate the birth anniversary of a successful implementation.


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