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Free English training give better conditions for new immigrants are ontario!

Datetime:2017/1/11 Source: Author:Editor:Kelly

Canada Immigration after the addition of the most frequently asked where to learn the language, is it expensive, Ontario's new regulations have been implemented.

Canada new immigrants, most of them settled in ontario. In order to help new immigrants to settle after the provincial government provides a lot of live and work in peace, assistance, training programs, make them as soon as possible to adapt to the new environment, social integration and re start. Adult English training courses for many new immigrants is an integral part of the service.

provincial government announced the allocation of 60 million yuan, the implementation of adult English training.

this investment will be for new immigrants, immigrants and refugees have settled in Ontario, providing free assessment of language skills and training, whether they have a long time to come.

Ontario provides language training services for immigrants, is the largest in canada. Language proficiency assessment and training courses are generally provided by public English and French Catholic schools, serving about 70000 immigrants a year.

investment in the language training service, is a part of the provincial economy to build Ontario, in order to promote economic growth, create more jobs, and help the people of the province had better daily life.

director Luo Binni said: with excellent language skills, help immigrants on the road to success. In Ontario, we offer English and French as a second language class for immigrants. No matter how long to immigration, can apply for admission. We want to help immigrants. This investment will strengthen their ability to find meaningful work, to build their own careers or to pursue higher education."

on behalf of Iraq - Lake Pitt Valley pottery constituency, MP Peter Milczyn said: "to provide language training in immigrant's residence and place of work, can help them to practice language skills in the community, make them easier to integrate themselves into the community, live better."

Ontario has 325 locations, to provide up to 4000 of English or French as a second language training courses for immigrants do not pay. Some courses are required to pay for the very low cost of textbooks and materials.

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