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John McCallum served as Canadian Ambassador of new immigration minister is 75

Datetime:2017/1/11 Source: Author:Editor:Kelly

recent events continue to make significant adjustments to the Canadian federal government cabinet. Former Chinese Minister of immigration Mai Jialian (John  McCallum) left the cabinet as the ambassador of Canada to china.

is the most well-known minister as ambassador to

at the age of 65, John McCallum is federal senior politician, former Prime Minister Kri in the early years (Jean  Chretien) cabinet as secretary of Defense (May 2002 to December 2003), the former Prime Minister Martin (Paul  Martin) cabinet minister of Veterans Affairs (December 2003 to July 2004).

was born in Montreal province of Quebec Mai lian. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen's college, University of Cambridge, and a PhD in economics from Paris University and a Ph.D. in economics from Keele University. He worked in University of Manitoba, Simon Fraser University, University of Montreal and Keele University as an economics professor, Mr Mackie as chairman of the Department of University literature. Mak

Lim also served as the Royal Bank of Canada's senior vice president and chief economist. Mak

low since 2000 Markham-Thornhill was elected member of Parliament, has been re elected.

friendly to China

2015 in November, John McCallum Trudeau served as cabinet minister of citizenship and immigration, refugees.

served as Minister of immigration, Mai Lian said the Liberal government managed to facilitate more China from tourists, students and temporary workers to obtain visas, to enter canada. He also led a delegation to visit China, reached an agreement with China, increase in the Chinese visa center in canada.

in addition, John McCallum also launched several important immigration policies, including the reform of the fast track project, and to reform the immigration score of parents and grandparents security immigration application program etc..

70 after the Somali refugees as immigration minister

new immigrants, refugees and citizens of the Minister of the 70 post minister from Somalia Ahmed Hassan (Ahmed  Hussen).

is reported that Hassan was born in 1975, grew up in Somalia, islam. In 1993, when Hassan was 16 years old, he came to Toronto as a refugee.

2002, Hassan received a bachelor's degree in history from York University. 2012 degree in law from Ottawa University.

Hassan in 2001 in Ontario provincial council volunteer, former governor Mjandi (Dalton  McGuinty) special assistant.

2015 in October, Hassan was elected to the federal York  Liberal Party member of the South-Weston constituency.

Hassan also served as the Canadian Parliament (Canadian  Somali  Congress) the chairman, and leaders of the Parliament and the Canadian International Peace Project (Canadian  International  Peace  Project) and the Canadian Jewish Congress (Canadian  Jewish  Congress) cooperation, the formation of a national mentoring program and development of the first large-scale Muslim community and the Jewish community the.

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