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The property market turnover fell 2017 China cold start

Datetime:2017/1/11 Source:经济参考报 Author:Editor:Helen

2017 years, the real estate market began to cool, the first line of the first tier cities turnover fell across the board. In January 9th, statistics released a research institute show that the first week of the new year by monitoring the city property market turnover double down, including two or three lines, fell more than first-tier cities.

refers to the monitoring of the 30 cities in the cumulative volume of the ring fell all year round. Among them, the first tier cities fell 6.08%, down by 4.28%. The four first-tier cities, Guangzhou city is the most obvious, the chain fell more than 50%, year-on-year decline of nearly 20%. 14 second tier cities turnover decreased by 38.49%, down by 20.09%, of which Kunming chain fell more than 80%. 6 on behalf of the city on behalf of the three line fell by 24.84%, down by 49.83%.

market in Beijing as an example, the statistical data from the house agency revealed that the first week of January 2017, Beijing commercial housing (excluding low-income housing and housing) a total of 1315 sets of transactions, the transaction area of 158 thousand and 600 square meters, the chain were reduced by 42% and 20%, while the volume is the lowest level in nearly two months.

deputy general manager of Asian high Ren Qixin analysis, from the seasonal factors, the beginning of each new year's day and Spring Festival are the real estate market "latency", will choose the sealing plate sale, a large number of projects during the period from the chain perspective, therefore, after entering 2017, the transaction has begun to decline.

Ren Qixin told the economic reference news "reporter, since the beginning of the" 930 "new deal, real estate regulation began to enter the tightening cycle all over, in this new deal based on the leak filled, for example, Beijing's new" Xianfang price of a room ", Shanghai will be the commercial products included in the regulation, it can be seen that the policy in 2017 the wind will continue to tighten, the future market based on the uncertainty of the real estate sales cycle also appeared in front of.

worth mentioning is that the current second tier cities regulatory policy is still further tightening. Recently, the Chongqing municipal land and Housing Bureau issued on the strengthening of the main city of commercial housing project pre-sale program management notice. The notice that the strict implementation of the pre-sale program for the record, strictly regulate the sales behavior and strict implementation of the pre-sale program and severely punish illegal behavior.

this, the Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei analysts believe that the current property market fundamentals and the first three quarters of 2016 is not the same: the price of funds in the uplink, the difficulty of loans increased. In this case, any city does not have the possibility of recurrence".

Real Estate Market Research Institute predicted that in 2017 30 a representative of the city housing turnover will be down 10% of the amplitude. In the center for research director Yan Yuejin analysis pointed out that in 2016 the 30 national key city of the market better than expected, showing positive growth significantly. This property buyers and the market significantly increased the enthusiasm. At the same time, the city housing prices rose too fast, rising in chasing mood market transactions, part of the city will hit a record high.

need to guard against the risk that, in 2016 the market may have an overdraft transaction. By 2017, with the release of such policies and other restrictions on the purchase of loans and other relevant policies to tighten the impact of the transaction data will have a cooling trend". Yan Yuejin told the Economic Information Daily reporters, is expected to 30 cities nationwide market turnover fell by 10%.

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