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Canada will have decades of fiscal deficits until 2050!

Datetime:2017/1/10 Source: Author:Editor:Kelly

Ottawa announced the federal government financial report, showing the financial outlook for Canada: will be decades of fiscal deficit.

's report on the first two days of Christmas, released by the Ministry of finance, shows that fiscal deficits will continue until 2050, unless the federal government makes some policy changes.

report also pointed out that if the current situation continues, the federal government's deficit will rise to 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan in the year, which is currently the number of times of two.

to explain the reasons for this, the report says the main economic challenge is that "baby boomers" born in the wake of the "postwar boom" began to retire. Domestic labor is beginning to shrink, productivity is falling, and the benefits of such pensions are increasing.

, however, the report stresses that this is not a 100 percent accurate forecast, is only an approximate estimate, after all, the situation is changing at any time.

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