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Who says the toothache is not a disease! The Canadian dentist finally knows what to do!

Datetime:2017/1/9 Author:小KEditor:Kelly

annual holiday interesting phenomenon during the holidays is returning students will see many dental cleanings, of course, foreign well-known liver hurt your teeth! The most pit dad is Canada's universal health insurance does not include teeth, because they put oral disease as the third major health killer after cancer, cardiovascular disease. Pay attention to the teeth, itself is also a response to the quality of life, these places can be best reflected in foreign countries.

Canada hospital usually does not have the dentist, looks at the dentist and looks at the general outpatient service the procedure to have the very big difference, the appointment line is not the same, how to look at the dentist each aspect, I do not believe that you do not want to know!

Canada is a private dentist: must have the concept of

, now the domestic and foreign consistent, private hospitals and comfortable environment, first-class level, advanced equipment, better service, Canada is the best dentist in private clinics are located in some shopping malls or small business building. When you look at the teeth, each room is given a private density. There are a lot of Chinese dental clinics, English can not find a good doctor to communicate. According to the process


1, English yellow pages, newspapers, network or friends multiple channels to lock want to go to the dentist, recommend the best online search, users can visually see the evaluation, and then call the doctor to confirm the pre about time and to do the inspection of the project, make an appointment to avoid, this is Canada do anything to follow the rules. And if I need to cancel or reschedule, inform each other 24 hours, otherwise you will be charged a fee ranging from $60-$100.

2, the day after the clinic to fill in the basic information. If you take daily prescription drugs, remember to bring the prescription drug information, will also be asked about the history of drug allergy.

3, a doctor as you shoot oral X light tooth file, set up post according to the inspection of the treatment plan. If it is not pay attention to dental problems often do not scaling, the dentist will arrange the scaling to the next appointment, while the treatment you push back a. The doctor suggested: scaling frequency is every half a year time, you can do it?

project how charges, in the end how expensive? According to the different standards of clinical practice and different doctors' qualifications, the dentists' fees in

are more expensive than those of ordinary dentists.

first dental examination: $30-$80, depending on the dentist's condition.

: a $33-$280 range, as the dental health need cleaning time, teeth stains serious cost is high.

extraction: $200+ a

: a $200+ filling range, according to a degree of damage and filling materials to assess the cost of filling, different materials prices are not the same.

dental implant: This is a bit of common sense should be aware of the friends, both at home and abroad are very expensive, if a good material for the porcelain teeth, the price is for a car in the mouth. Various materials have amalgam (amalgam) the price is cheaper. Composite resin (composite), amalgam than expensive, color close to the color of teeth. Porcelain teeth (Porcelain) type too much, the highest price.

root canal therapy (root  canal): up to $600+ a. Kill tooth nerve. Root canal therapy is one of the treatment methods of tooth nerve infection after the procedure is relatively complex, because the price is high, the cost according to the tooth position, and decided to damage the teeth, usually require at least 3 appointment to complete.

(the above price for the reference price, accurate and specific price please check what

hospital) COVER dental expenses

identity can be legitimate companies usually offer dental insurance, also part of the school compulsory purchase insurance can also contain dental insurance reimbursement, and most of the cost, students can go to school and learn.

if there is no insurance, the first time to tell the doctor and inform your economic situation, usually the doctor will give you more than the insurance people low fees concessions, and shorten the treatment time and the project, of course can be divided into doctor character, but not necessarily kuqiong insurance!

at home before leaving to go to the hospital to give teeth may wish to do a comprehensive inspection, there may be good treatment of dental diseases, also don't have every vacation home check again. In addition, every good morning and evening to brush their teeth, dental care and health care is also very important.

experts recommend brushing your teeth:

do you brush your teeth?

* dentists recommend brushing your teeth for not less than 3 minutes each time. As for the frequency and time of brushing your teeth, you must brush your teeth sooner or later. Conditional, immediately after each meal brush. Brush your teeth before going to sleep is particularly important.

* toothbrush hair and tooth surface is 45 degrees angle, oblique and light pressure in the neck and gingival junction. The teeth along the vertical brush, and gently rotate brush brushing force

*Should be too large. Brush the teeth from top to bottom, brushing the teeth from top to bottom. Bite surface brush back and forth, both inside and outside to brush.

* choose the right toothbrush, soft bristles, brush flat brush head is small, the brush tip grinding, remove plaque, there is no damage to the teeth and gums.

* brush after brushing the brush head into the cup, placed in ventilated dry place. 1-3 months for a toothbrush, hair brush, such as the spread of bending or tilt should be promptly replaced. The dentist suggested that

* floss every day at least one dental floss, remove dirt, stimulate gums, more conducive to healthy gums.

* is about 25 cm long floss will thread ends with line pressing way, in the hands of the index first round, two index finger distance of about 5 cm, slid into the teeth along the tooth side guide floss ease. Of course, now have to make a good dental floss stick, holding can be used directly!

* dental floss are wax and wax two. If you just start flossing, with no wax floss is appropriate. The best indicator is blown to creak appears. With no wax floss can easily hear this voice, and waxed floss must be scraped after wax to hear this sound.

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