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Canada is the success criteria! 80 after 90 persistent road to buy a house

Datetime:2017/1/9 Source: Author:Editor:Kelly

Canada prices rose on the day, the price of digital daunting new millennium, but their generation of young people are always obsessed with their own dream to buy a house in canada.

we all know that the problem is not the problem of Canadian locals, but it may not be possible. But a group of young people under the age of 35 is concerned about the financial risks brought about by the housing will not be over the benefits of housing. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

(CBC) female reporter Jacqueline Hansen reported that the Bank of Montreal data show that the generation of young people more than half of Canada (80 90) have their own housing.

has 49% young people have not yet sold, most of them (64%) have been saving to buy a house.

so, even if the Royal Bank recently reported that the burden of housing in Canada's real estate has risen to the highest level in nearly 8 years, young people under the age of 35 still did not leave the market.

sounds crazy? We might as well interview one of them.

CBC reporter Hansen I was 80, recently bought a flat in Toronto.

she said, to find a sense of home, buy a house is the only way.

she, like many of her peers, is not in the housing market. When she first arrived in Toronto, she was able to rent a small apartment. But it's hard to apply for a mortgage. Hansen didn't apply for a mortgage until he got a full-time job.

she said, "now I have a home, I feel there is a root."

buy a house is a successful standard

do not want to rent a house to live, not only to young people, but the reality of the Canadian market. Professor Tsur Somerville Sauder School of

University of British Columbia pointed out that compared to other regions of the world, Canada has a very high rate of housing, is Canada's "cultural standard".

said: "because we are a very high rate of homeownership, if it has been a tenant, a lot of restrictions."

our social and cultural emphasis on housing, in the best housing and the best community, people are buying, rather than renting.

in South Korea or parts of Europe, people living in a rented apartment for decades. But in Canada, tenants are unlikely to settle down in a community.

Hansen said that if she could find a rental apartment with the current condition of the apartment to buy, the cost must be higher than the current apartment. As prices rose month by month and year by year, sooner buy the cheaper.

not only want to move fast and worried about the market adjustment

Somerville pointed out that the Toronto property market is particularly challenging for young people. They must act as quickly as they can afford to worry about the risk of rising interest rates or falling house prices.

currently, prices and income ratio is two times in 1984, but the mortgage rate as high as the percentage of the figure of 2. The young man

and parents the same, owning a house is a symbol for their success, show that you have a stable income, ready to settle down, their rooting, also have already paid their tuition debt, without the influence of parents.

but from a strict financial point of view, Somerville's research shows that after buying a house does not guarantee that you have a good.

in the long run, in most markets, the financial situation of renting and buying a house is the same. If you want to strictly save consumption, your day is not easy. Many people have to make a great deal of money in order to apply for a mortgage and repay the monthly loan.

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