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[exclusive] Toronto First Home Guide (two)

Datetime:2017/1/3 Author:熊婕 Jane XiongEditor:Ivy
The second chapter: buy

, buy a house should know 1 residents and non residents of     holds Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status, in the sense that housing estate residents, the others are non residents. (please note the correct tax difference between residents and non residents tax, tax residents may not be resident, please consult the accountants and other professionals) for foreigners (non resident) can be freely traded real estate in canada. According to the Canadian federal government civil law, non Canadian residents are also able to purchase, own and sell real estate, the provisions and conditions to comply with the same. However, the law also gives the provinces the power to restrict the purchase of land by non citizens and non permanent residents, or by companies and societies under their control. 1

2. buy) to open a bank account in Canada;

2) regardless of whether it is a resident of Canada, the need to maintain a good credit record; 3) to have the first payment (usually at the nationals than local residents); 4) to complete the 1629 delivery procedures & nbsp;       if buyers need to apply for a loan to the Bank of Canada, I must come to Canada (or authorized Canada relatives or friends) signed with the bank to loan documents;         if you do not need a bank loan, you can sign the purchase contract or entrust an agent to handle the relevant formalities to pay the deposit, housing and others by fax.     you hire a real estate agent through modern means of communication, fax, scan, mail and other methods need your signature file in the process of the sale of housing; inspection by third party registration inspection report issued by the relevant house division. Finally, the money to the housing transactions and property rights documents to be obtained by the seller and the buyer to complete their respective lawyers. 5, need to do a good job in bank account management and arrangement. 6 foreign personnel will be retained when the sale of foreign nationals in the loan to buy a house, the bank will ask the lawyer in the registration of property rights remarks "foreigners tax provisions". To the real estate, if the borrower is still non resident, the need to be part of the real estate tax to the completion of the tax declaration and then decide how to dispose of the house. Usually must pay 25%

3. to buy a house down payment     buy houses Shoufu housing regardless of age, and buyers are largely independent of age, 18 years of age who can buy houses, as long as there is enough Shoufu, sometimes need to prove the repayment ability. The higher the salary, the more you can borrow. Low credit loans will be affected.  The port, is the first choice of many companies to live CEO, is one of the most affluent towns, the highest income of the average annual income of more than 800 thousand u.s.. In such a rich country, people are very friendly and humble, which is one of the reasons why I love this place very much. Oakville currently has a total of 7 public high schools, in addition to the Thomas A Blake and French school Ga Tan this year, ranked in the top 130, the other schools in the top five rankings in the top 60 in. In particular, Oakville Trafalgar and Abbey Park is in the top 10.

Oakville ranked sixth in the most livable cities. This ranking is based on the unemployment rate, income, housing capacity, health index, health facilities, taxes, crime rates, transportation facilities, climate, art and sports facilities and other aspects of a comprehensive comparison of the.

my favorite city of Burlington Burlington (Burlington) compared with Oakville, it is called each one has its own merits. First of all, Burlington's most livable cities ranked third. Although the school did not rank top in Oakville. But it is a favorite place for many young people, the housing price is cheap, more jobs, transportation is also convenient. In Burlington, we can buy about 500 thousand Bungalow, intended to rent to a young family, 1:200 is easier to achieve than the rental. The annual growth rate of housing prices is not inferior to that of Oakville, to do rental housing investment, really attract.

on the other hand, by the lake ROSELAND 100-150 million can buy a beautiful house, and Oakville like this house is almost 200-250 million. From the years of experience to analyze the house, the house more than 2 million 500 thousand, it is more difficult to rise, but also with depreciation, there is a downward trend. 2 select the community

, as described earlier, mostly in the surrounding areas of small and medium cities, continuous access to the title of the most livable city, you can choose according to their own budget. Children learn English from the environment, it is recommended to choose a moderate proportion of the community, the majority of Chinese high school rankings are concerned about the majority of chinese. Convenience is also one of the factors to be considered. Here is a brief introduction of the two campuses of Oakville better community (there will be a special article on the school district and community).    East Lake district (Eastlake): EastlakeBuy a house, the seller is his Client, and you just his Customer, he will not serve you wholeheartedly, because he must represent the highest interests of Client. Otherwise there may be RECO punishment. The ideal situation for

is that you don't have your own broker. But in this case, you do not have the first-hand data, there is no market analysis. To be honest, I feel that time as dangerous, eventually returned to find a broker on the road.

from the professional point of view, you are certainly not as good as the professional training of brokers, not to say that 6 of the thick brick of the book opened every broker must be trained and completed the exam, to more than 75 points in order to get the license of the 8.

2. choose trustworthy real estate brokerage first, the broker must be registered in the local real estate bureau and accept the relevant legal constraints agent (Estate Management Bureau requires brokers to carry license, can be asked to see); secondly, different operation and the sale of real estate in Canada Chinese, most of the houses are hanging on sale in the real estate bureau website it is said that all the brokers face listings are basically the same, so houses in pricing naturally restricted by market, drive up the prices almost impossible. Real estate brokers are subject to the supervision of the real estate authority, and have the corresponding system and professional ethics requirements, offenders are punished lightly, and then was dismissed. Since there are so many constraints, why the reputation of real estate brokers is not too good? As an experienced many buyers, as well as a new real estate brokerage, which in fact: the seller brokerage selling at high prices to sell low-priced fudge, build momentum; manufacturing loot illusion;

false business investment income, because the value of commercial property depends on the price; the buyer brokerage market compared to conceal the harm the interests of customers data service is not fine, not accurate data analysis; Offer induced guest grab shot at above market high price; of course, some guests also use brokers as they do a lot of analysis work for free, but high rebates to use these data to ask for another brokerage brokerage, I will in future articles "the guests, detailed, honesty and brokerage story" in the guest. In conclusion, although there are a few bad brokers, but the vast majority of real estate brokers who are trustworthy, in addition to their job dedication, but also for new immigrants to adapt to the early days of the settlement of life made a lot of contributions. 3 Canadian real estate brokerage fees in the process of buying and selling houses, brokerage fees are usually paid by the seller. Of course, some buyers also pay for the search. Brokerage fees typically range from 5% to 3%. Shared by the seller and the buyer. This is the seller and the seller signed a letter of intent to determine the time.

buyers can know how much commission of the buyer's broker, which is usually in the form of "Confirmation of and Representation--Form 320" in the percentage of the need to confirm the buyer's signature.


choose a good housing estate brokerage, real estate brokerage will according to your requirements, you may email to you favorite listings, and then according to your requirements, selection of houses and take you to the house. Canada has been introduced in the type of housing, usually first-time home buyers are usually purchased residential. According to the old and new points, can be divided into faster and second-hand housing.

1, choose a new house or second-hand housing? Although it is a good choice to buy a new apartment, but to consider the suitability of the apartment is also an important factor in time to consider. Usually less than two years to build apartments for more than five years, so you can not immediately stay. This has a new home for the needs of the family, the new house is clearly not the best choice. But for investment, because the down payment is phased in, house prices growth leverage is very significant, can be used as the first choice of investment. Other types of

floor construction time will be shorter, can wait for one to two years who is a good choice, but a new building will use advanced technology, will also have to 9-10 feet tall, for love is bright and spacious, modern decoration of the people, to attract ten. However, due to the increasing cost of land, so the housing area (LOT) is getting smaller and smaller, the land complex, especially those who like the garden, it is not so perfect. On the contrary, second-hand housing can be admitted to the basic, and at any time through the real estate brokerage arrangements showings. Even if some second-hand housing facilities obsolete, such as kitchens and bathrooms, but as long as the pattern is reasonable, with a simple decoration, the same can have a new home feeling. Some of the older houses, especially BUNGALOW, covers an area of particularly large, look forward to the reconstruction of the people, may be the best choice, when not ready before reconstruction, home rental for two.

in addition, urban workers are generally "punch gens", if two people unfortunately belong to "punch gens", then the distance between the two work units near or near public transportation of second-hand housing is a good choice. This can reduce the cost of transportation, save time. 2,   how to judge the value of a house is not worth buying? In the judgment of a house worth not worth buying, we must first clear the purpose of their own. In a sense, any house has been bought, are worth buying, there are two main factors: the use of purpose and value. The owner of the house to their own interests in the first place, think about their familyLive in, enjoy the warmth of family life, you know you love this future home. Investment in rental housing as far as possible to have their own hobbies, the first consideration from the return on investment. Including rental returns, appreciation of space, whether to attract tenants, market positioning and other multi-faceted considerations. Usually the housing rental ratio to about 1:200 more appropriate (see my article "rent ratio concept"). 3 Chang Shun exchanges, and constantly adjust even a very good friend, the dream of your home, it is not necessarily his ideal house. Brokers usually from friends, web search and other media channels, so the guests out their ideas timely and accurately tell the brokerage is conducive to quickly and accurately find the ideal house. Since the housing proposal more respect guest comments, listen to the views of the brokerage investment house. Many new immigrants (including myself) when the lack of understanding of their own understanding of Canada, can speak out, let the broker to know you have a certain understanding, in the process, you can update your understanding. The sale of housing is the result of joint efforts between brokers and customers. Guests to the broker to ask for the same time, but also to listen to the recommendations of brokers. When the market is rising too fast, the price can change rapidly, the situation will not keep up with failures. Brokers should be in good faith, want customers to think, anxious customers anxious, not because of the rush to deal with their professional ethics.

certainly, more exchanges, the greater the odds. It should be stressed that in the current Offer grab the "battle", if you fail, don't blame the brokerage incompetent, only a princess, a few dozen candidates, but only one horse, as long as your broker do as accurately as possible to give you CMA (comparative market analysis), failure the other guests, that the brokerage is too crazy, also missed the house with her. I have the experience of our poor $2000 loss to others, injustice is indeed injustice, but we really have no way of knowing others the price ah. A bell sound particularly fashionable now grab Offer, is to increase the difficulty. Crazy grab the hand is not necessarily happy, so it is not necessarily a good thing to lose. There is only one principle, grab to grab, you can join their hearts to go in, but do not deviate too far from the market value.

five, Offer

when you love a house, you can call your broker to help OFFER, previously described what is called Offer, the contents of Offer, how to operate here, the general Offer will say no more, focusing on "grab Offer

Canada due to the natural human environment excellent, attract the eyes of the whole world, nearly more than and 10 years of rising house prices, resulting in hard to find a room, resulting in a lot of grab Offer situation.

1. grab offer

first to understand the market. In particular, the price is lower than the house to cool the real market price analysis. At the same time set his affection for the house and is willing to pay the price. The sum of the two is roughly the price. This price I like to call it the price without regret. Whether to buy or not to buy will not regret. Because some people like you, so you do not buy, but the value of the house is so much, it is not worth regretting.

1)         rob Offer with the general process of buying a house is the biggest difference between the intermediate links less. In the next Offer is best to allow the buyer to do a good job is clear a round or a few rounds, if it is a round, it should be the best step in place, so as not to lose the opportunity. If several rounds, consideration should be given to.

2    );     prior to the bank to make loans assessment or pre approved, for their ability to be aware of, to cancel the loan conditions to help get Offer or at a relatively low price to get Offer.

3    );     prior experience to cancel the house, house inspection conditions to help with relatively low prices to get the Offer, but not all.

4;         2), the two, the conditional Offer, strictly speaking, is open, as long as the conditions are not met, can escape. The condition is really not satisfied, the seller is not known, so the seller wants to set blocked. In the case of little difference in price, the seller may choose an unconditional but slightly lower price of Offer; if the price difference is relatively large, the seller may be in conjunction with the buyer brokerage brokerage to remove conditions.

5;         ready to deposit (Herewith), is also one of the effective means to grab Offer. Mainly to prevent someone under the Offer was accepted by the seller, but regret not to pay a deposit. In the current so hot market, buyers easily lost in the process of losing rational, not to buy a house, just to win. Wait to go home to, is gold and silver, began to regret. Although the accepted Offer has a legal effect, it is too much trouble to go to courtOne thing.

6;         Handover date determination: if there is no special requirement, it is best to cater to the seller, help to successfully get Offer. Details of the

at the end of the game is very important for you to win, and you can save money.

2. sign offer

if the consequences go back with rob Offer deposit (i.e. a 5%-10% check prices) to the seller, the buyer if the seller will be back, the money away, so it is clearly the cost of estoppel. Even if the buyer has not yet submitted a deposit, but it may be the seller to court. So can not hold a lucky attitude. Try to get things done when things happen.

six, ready to pay

previously introduced the concept of down payment. At present, the majority of banks for new immigrants, foreigners are not asking for income, requiring 35% down payment policy.

moved to Canada this policy on the Chinese people should make good use of it. It is difficult to find a job in Canada, said easy No. The key to their expectations and luck. According to the bank's definition of new immigrants is to log within five years. If the new immigrants brought money, in general do not work, also not want to find professional work, or about your English do not have confidence, can not find a professional job, I advise you to their own personal experience, housing investment is also a guarantee to easily work stability income, please be sure to plan within five years will be funding arrangements. Because of the new immigration period, and then buy a house depends on wages. (I will in the future the "investment property investment return calculation" are discussed in detail in


1) for loans, apply for housing mortgage loan requirements and procedures

expatriates requirements apply for housing mortgage loans and local procedures without what substantive difference, procedure is similar. It is easier for expatriates to apply for loans than locals, because there is no credit history. However, foreigners do not enjoy the enjoyment of the residents from the housing exempt from value-added tax concessions, all the houses of foreigners to invest in the realization of the sale, some of its profits must pay vat. Local residents also want to invest in real value-added tax, value-added tax and real year homeowners relative to income, the highest reached 23.5% (please consult the accounting person)

2, buy housing loans need to be prepared to file

buy housing loans need to prepare the documents about is divided into three parts, building materials, and other personal work materials Shoufu and materials.

2-1 housing materials

is mainly said that the purchase contract, if it is to buy a new house, and developers need to sign a thick contract.


material material is the thinnest part of the bank audit, if you are a company's full-time employees, the general must have: work letter on letterhead paper, indicate the company name, address, telephone, fax, the applicant's full name, whether full-time duties at the beginning of the work of the company's time wages,. Pay stub. Tax assessment notice some banks will require the past T4 or tax bureau. In addition to the work material, but also need some personal materials such as ID/p]

eight, the purchase of housing insurance

for Canadians, the first thing to buy a house after the purchase of residential insurance. Although the law does not require the purchase of residential property insurance must be, but many people because of the provision of mortgage services for customers to buy insurance for housing, so had to buy. New immigrants should understand that the purchase of housing insurance is not only to reduce the risk of bank loans, for tenants can also be a good control of the loss caused by accidents. The same as real insurance car insurance is indispensable in our lives, even as you have done for the nouveau riche of all loans, to buy insurance but also to ensure the fire or other accidents, get the corresponding compensation.

note: when buying insurance, we must clearly know the terms of insurance, housing insurance in addition to housing, but also to protect the people living in the house of the corresponding personal insurance. If you can read the insurance clauses of the best, if not, or to find reliable reliable insurance companies and insurance broker, to ensure that you understand what terms of insurance, insurance, what insurance, insurance. For example,

bought an independent house, indicating that the SINGLE

Disclaimer: This article only on behalf of the author's personal point of view, ehouse411 website is not responsible for any legal liability

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