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[exclusive] Toronto First Home Guide (1)

Datetime:2016/12/31 Author:熊婕 Jane XiongEditor:Ivy

introduction: towards the reason and motivation of   in Canada;

, the quality of the natural environment

1, air quality: Canada belongs to the high vegetation coverage,   WHO has released a global air quality (PM2.5) ranking: Estonia, Mauritius and Canada are the top three. In the current haze throughout China was shrouded in the day, so that the quality of the air is not too desirable?

2, rich in water resources: Canada is rich in water resources, a total of 29114 m3 ranked in the world's top fourth (China ranked in the top sixth, but the per capita water resources is only the world average of 1/4. What's more, the water is seriously polluted.

3, rich forest resources: Canada forest area of 417 million 600 thousand Hm2, accounting for land area of 45%.


1 outstanding humanities environment, good social order: criminal law

Canada, civil law is originated from the Anglo French Empire has a long history, with a solid foundation;

Canada as America can gun;

Canada is a tolerant ethnic culture of the country, the world all races here live together in peace together;

2, perfect medical assurance system

Canada national pride as everyone knows, one of the benefits of universal health care system is ho (HEALTHAppreciation potential. The difference is that since the housing is more focused on the living environment, the investment room is more focused on cash flow and appreciation potential. To achieve a balance between the two is the result of cooperation between buyers and brokers to communicate.

three, the type of Canadian housing

in Canada, a large variety of houses, can be divided into: commercial, farm, resort, residential, etc..

1, Canada's

independent residential housing (DETATCHED, also known as SINGLEHOUSE): is the construction of a single independent land on the land, the owner has the right to housing and land, no management fees.

Link (ground floor connected to or connected to a garage, a house that is not connected to a house). Owners have the right to housing and land, no management fees.

semi detached house (SEMI-DETATCHED): one side of the house is connected with the outer wall of another house, no management fee.

row row house (TOWNHOUSES): a row of houses are connected on both sides, divided into two types of management fees and no management fees, depending on whether the property is shared with other owners and shared part of the common.

duplex house (Duplex)


triple type residential residential type four (Fourplex)


(Business), other commercial Resort (Cottage),   (Farm, including Hobby farm; Farm  and AgricultureFarm), a multi type residential housing (Multiplex) mobile (Mobile) etc..

with immigration to Canada's further understanding and personal hobbies, more and more people began to buy farm, business, vacation house.

four, the real estate brokerage

real estate brokerage is actually a professional knowledge of intermediaries, specializing in real estate sales. Real estate brokers must be trained to be licensed.

in Canada, each province has specialized regulatory agencies to regulate the real estate brokers and professional ethics and professional behavior. RECO (Ontario real estate committee) is such an institution, as a real estate broker acts to protect the public interests of the important role.

OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association) is a specialized organization, is responsible for arranging the training of real estate brokers, advanced studies, to join the organization, the purchase of insurance, the management of various real estate companies. In Ontario, there are different size of the real estate company (Brokerage), real estate brokers can arbitrarily join any one, and at any time to withdraw from another. There are various real estate bureau in various regions of

(BOARD), real estate brokers to join the BROKERAGE determines the real estate brokerage owned real estate bureau, resulting in the real estate management bureau, and the relevant information from the data input to the system or the real information system (LISTING)

five, mortgage broker

1, the Bank of Canada and in addition to financial institutions

Canada has six major banks, including Royal Bank (RBC), TD Bank (TD), Feng Bank (Scotia), Montreal (BMO), Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) and the Canadian National Bank (NationLife insurance, rental insurance, tenant insurance, ROOMING risk. Therefore, according to the different purposes of the housing, consulting professionals to find their own terms, accurate insurance can be protected. Insurance personnel in Canada is to go through professional training, examination, in order to hold the post, there are specialized regulatory agencies and organizations.

seven, lawyer

in Canada, lawyers also have different kinds. Is dedicated to playing the lawsuit, special small compensation, do have a special immigrant, specialize in all kinds of security documents notarized, do have a special housing property transfer, when to buy a house after the signing of the contract, the housing property transfer work to a lawyer to complete. The lawyer will work according to the degree of completion of liquidation of debt before the owner hung in this house under the new owners, in order to ensure the TITLE is clean and complete.

eight, inspector

at present, in Canada, only BritishAccording to the 1% part of the calculation of

$250000 to $400000 by, the calculation of the above part by the calculation of 2% by

$400000 .

is the sum of the above Ontario land transfer tax, there is a land transfer tax calculator online. The calculation method of

of Toronto city land transfer tax:

house price $55000 and the following part is calculated by 0.5%

$55000 to $400000 by 1% and above is calculated by 2%

$400000 .

is the sum of all the land transfer tax in Toronto. There are calculators available.

only in the city of Toronto will have to buy land transfer tax in Toronto. So in the city to buy a friend to pay special attention to your land transfer tax is almost double the city's friends.

fourteen, local tax

"land tax" is the property tax (Property)

Disclaimer: This article only on behalf of the author's personal point of view, ehouse411 website is not responsible for any legal liability

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