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What's the coldest winter to get home and save DIY

Datetime:2018/1/12 Source: Author:刘君 June LiuEditor:Kelly

Toronto this year ushered in 50 years of cold, fortunately, the two days of the Toronto slightly back temperature let people talk to comfort.

if you can now know that your house insulation is not too late. The following maintenance items are fast and easy to make your home in the winter, more warm and comfortable.

sealant strip (Weather Stripping)

doors and windows special seal strip (Weather Stripping) has many different types of colors to choose from in the hardware store. The advantage is that it is easy to install and dismantle.

you can choose not to affect the appearance of the transparent sealant directly stuck on the doors and windows of the gap, to prevent the leak. If there is a crack in the window, you can also use a sealant bar to prevent the cracks from increasing until the window is ready to repair and replace it. The

windshield (Door Sweep)

at the door of the gap is an important entrance of cold air into the home. This phenomenon can be effectively improved by installing the windshield under a doorframe with a nail or adhesive.

reflective insulation material (Reflective Insulation)

attic and slow travel through space (between the house and the ground space) is usually the coldest place in a family. Compared with the traditional thermal insulation material, the price of reflective insulation material is more cost-effective and easier to install. The price is basically lower than the $20 volume, and you can use it to heat up all kinds of room space.

garage door

unless your garage doors use thermal insulation, or the garage will be a cold place. One of the simplest ways is to use a few minutes to install a seal under the garage door. This method not only prevents wind but also prevents rain and insect invasion. The

socket and switch

do not know that the wall sockets and switches are also one of the entrance of the cold air. To improve this problem, a bottle of foam sealant (foam sealer) can be used in a few minutes. Turn off the power supply, take the lid of the socket, spray the foam sealant,  , and then install the lid. If you don't know how to do it, you need to consult a professional and do it again! The decoration of the

decorations in the

house has a little influence on the temperature of the room. For example, hanging heavy curtains can effectively reduce the invasion of cold air, or the floor tiles on the carpet, which can achieve the effect of thermal insulation. The 6 above 6 points are a few simple home insulation suggestions. Less than a day will allow you to enjoy a warmer home in the next winter, and save energy and save money.

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