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GTA houses facing the explosion? The number of Chinese districts rose by 283% last year

Datetime:2018/1/9 Author:kellyEditor:Kelly

last week, Tim Syrianos, chairman of Toronto real estate bureau, said that foreign buyers' purchase is not the main driving force that affects GTA sales. The overall sales volume in 2017 is 15% overseas buyers tax and 0.25 increase in central bank interest rate. Home sales in the first quarter of

2017 set a new record to boost annual growth. In the second quarter and the third quarter, the decline in listing and the growth of house prices led to a downward trend in sales. As the impact of FHP began to decline, sales in the fourth quarter rebounded, affected by the new OSFI stress test, which came into force in January 1, 2018.

, from the data of housing market in December last year, the overall sales increased by 51.9% compared with 2016, while sales volume decreased by 7.1%. Although the selling price is higher than that in 2016, it is only 0.7% higher than that in 2016.

data, a lot of people want to know, how is the house in our Chinese district?

York District listing volume surge in 283%

December, Chinese hot constituency data still aroused widespread concern, from the data, York district from November to December housing sales fell to 731, down by nearly 28%, compared with 2016, sales fell nearly 29%. Compared with November, housing sales in York fell to $908892, down nearly 1.38%. Compared with 2016, the average price fell 2.82%.

is when the data fall generally, the York area listing volume has increased by 283%, which makes people have to worry about the development of the real estate market in 2018.

2018 GTA market supply and demand relationship will change?

saw the surge in the listing of GTA Chinese hot area last year. It had to remind people of the development of Toronto's property market in recent two years. The previous property market was always in short supply, especially the newly built apartments for sale. According to

Online reported data show that in 2017 the number of new houses began to surge, listing the property to non independent houses, the number reached more than 23000, while the new houses built in 2018 is expected to increase to 57674 units, compared with 2017 output increased by nearly 59.9%. After looking at this data,

will take a look at the population data of most areas. It will find that the number of new families increased from 29241 to 2011-2016 per year. Compared with the data in 2018, it is a serious oversupply. At present,

2018 has just begun, who can guarantee that this year the new listings digestibility is what state will cause prices to fall further, however, the only certainty is that housing supply in 2018 will be the outbreak, this year will be to digest inventory, perhaps 2018 will experience a large market change.

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