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An upright property market in the cold wind

Datetime:2018/1/6 Author:JayceeEditor:JayceeXu

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, Canada, once again issued the extreme cold warning to GTA and southeastern provinces. On Friday and Saturday, the bulk temperature in most areas will be low to -35 to C or -40 C, and even snow Squall in some areas. This time it was cold over the north pole, and it was cold to Mars.

although the weather is cold, the Canadian housing market is not cold. At least now.

is gratifying that Canada is still one of the world's fastest rising prices in the global housing market. According to the data released this week by

Global Property Guide, in the third quarter of 2017, Canada's housing price growth (+ 9.69%) ranked fourth in the world.

is only in Iceland (+ 18.76%), Hongkong (+ 13.14%), Macao (+ 10.53%).

this result is clearly not due to the multi two foreign buyers tax policies have changed anything, even in Ontario issued FHP plan also failed to effectively prevent the price growth.

, for example, in most areas, in 2017, house prices were 12.7% higher than in 2016. In

2017, the price of apartments in the metropolitan area was up to 26% from 2016, and the price of the independent house rose by 7.9%.  

, but there is no Canadian market so warm in the rest of the world.

, after a global survey of housing market, shows that 2/3 of the real estate market is slowing down, some are slowing down, some are slowing down. Once hot property prices have been completely disappeared in new zealand. In the

47 real estate market, 21 in the third quarter of 2017 fell more than the previous year.

was significantly different from the second quarter, when only 15 countries showed a year-on-year decline.

prices in most parts of the Middle East, Latin America, New Zealand and parts of Asia have slowed sharply. Among them, -8.68%, Ukraine (-6.81%), Russia (-6.69%) and Mongolia (-5.7%) have the biggest drop in prices.

is like the end of the winter. The rise in housing market in Canada is also likely to show a gentle trend in the first half of this year. After all, more stringent loan policies and higher interest rates have been introduced.

, the storm Real Estate Association, is expected to reduce the purchasing power of 21% of the house. 10% of potential buyers will lose their qualifications. The national housing sales will fall by 5.3%.

, but the real estate association is not too pessimistic. It is predicted that once the potential buyers adapt to the new mortgage loan policy and higher interest rate, the Canadian property market will rise again in the second half of this year.

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