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Canada's unemployment rate is the lowest in history. In the last month of 17, 80 thousand new jobs are added!

Datetime:2018/1/6 Author:kellyEditor:Kelly
Nick Exarhos, an economist at

CIBC, wrote in the bulletin that the December employment data were surprising and drew a full stop for the extraordinary 2017 year. Why do you say that? The Federal Bureau of statistics data released today that you

tell me surprise: in December last year soared to nearly 80 thousand jobs, words for 79000 jobs, and in November a net increase of 79500 jobs in October, net position number 35300, the last 3 months of the year the Canadian workplace performance views. The unemployment rate fell to the lowest 5.7%

history remember Canada a few months before the strong employment growth and beautiful data, most economists are not optimistic about December in the workplace, for example by Bloomberg (Bloomberg) made of Economists survey showed that most experts expected Canada December employment average, up to 2000 new job positions compared with the 79000 position, in fact the new face pops!

, in historical data, the lowest unemployment rate in Canada is 5.9%, which is traced back to February 2008 before the global financial crisis. In December, 5.7% of the 17 years is the best achievement in Statistics Bureau. It has become the lowest in 42 years.

's specific data are: the unemployment rate in October was 6.3%, to 5.9% in November, and to 5.7% in December.

42 has increased the number of new jobs in

, and the work has also reached a new high. The statistics bureau announced that Canada increased 423000 jobs in the 2017 year, up 2.3% from 2016, the highest annual growth since 2002.

's increased work in the last year includes 394200 full time jobs with up to 93% higher quality.

Canadian dollar rises and increases close?

responded quickly to the rise of the Canadian dollar to 80.74 cents to 1 Canadian dollars after the FBI published employment data. The employment data in

12 month also compensated for the disappointing GDP data in a sense. In our judgement, the Canadian Central Bank increased its interest rate later this month.

several provinces in December the unemployment rate (in brackets for the November data):

Newfoundland and Labrador 14.7 per cent (14.4)

Prince Edward Island 9.8 (8.8)

Nova Scotia 8 (8.8)

New Brunswick 7.8 (

Quebec 8.3) 4.9 (5.4)

Ontario 5.5 (

Manitoba 5.5) 5.7 (5.4)

Saskatchewan (6)

Alberta 6.4 6.9 (7.3)

Canada part of the city's unemployment rate in December (in brackets for the November data):

Halifax 6.9 (7.2)

Quebec 3.9 (

Montreal 4.4) 6.1 (6.6)

Ottawa 5.7 (

Kingston 5.9), Ont. 5.6 (5.8

Oshawa), Ont. 5.5 (5.4)

Toronto 6 (5.9

Hamilton, 4.6 (Ont.) 4.2)

Brantford, Ont. (4.8)

Gue 4.7 LPH, Ont. 6.1 (6.7)

London, Ont. 6.2 (6.3)

Windsor, Ont. 6.1 (6.3)

Vancouver 4.1 (4.2)

Victoria 3.4 (3.3)

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