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Most of the region by the end of December over the same period ending prices bleak a slight increase of 0.7%

Datetime:2018/1/5 Source: Author:Editor:JayceeXu

2017 is a year of turbulence in the housing market, and there are different opinions about the impact of the new policy that will be implemented on the property market. It is better to find some clues from the December authoritative report of Toronto real estate bureau (TREB), so as to enhance the analysis of the property market this year. According to the latest Toronto property report,

showed that the total housing sales in most areas in 2017 showed a total sales of 92394 units, compared with the 113040 set in 2016, the total sales of the whole group dropped by 18.3%, but the average price rose by 12.7%. In 2017, Tim Syrianos, chairman of the

real estate bureau, said that the purchase of foreign buyers is not the main driving force that affects GTA sales. The overall sales volume in 2017 is caused by several policies issued by the government.

1. April 2017: 15%, the overseas buyer tax

2. July 2017: the central bank increased interest rate 0.25

, announced the Ontario Fair Housing Plan (FHP) plan in Ontario, the first quarter of 2017, the housing sales volume set a new record, driving the annual growth. In the second quarter and the third quarter, the decline in listing and the growth of house prices led to a downward trend in sales. As the impact of FHP began to decline, sales in the fourth quarter rebounded, as some buyers would increase their purchase intentions in response to the new OSFI stress test coming into force in January 1, 2018. Housing sales in the month of GTA12 in

2017 were 4930 sets, compared with 5305 sets in the same period in 2016, compared with a decline. The average

housing price is $735021, up only 0.7% compared with the $730125 in 2016.


independent house prices have fallen by 1 million. Down to $989870, down 2.5% compared to the previous year. The average price of the

semi independent house rose by 6.7%. The average price of the town house in

rose 0.7%. The average price of

apartment has reached $503968, and the annual increase is 14.4%.

apartment Toronto city outstanding director Jason Mercer

according to the analysis of Toronto real estate market: apartment has become xiangbobo, mainly because prices rose in the second half of 2017 mainly depends on the market segments. The low housing average has experienced the slowest growth rate, so many buyers have made a cheaper choice. It is because the apartment has experienced two digit growth, so it is becoming more and more proportionate to the transaction.

looks forward to the three new policies implemented in January 1st this year in

2018, which may continue to affect the behavior of the property market and the buyer and seller.

1.  OSFI: more than 20% of the Shoufu mortgage borrowers should undergo stress testing (B-20)

2.  requiring banks to strengthen loan to value ratio (  loan-to-value,

3.  LTV) to strengthen the major bank regulation against evading LTV limits


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