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[exclusive] see and earn! 2017 Canada tax planning the most comprehensive point!

Datetime:2017/11/11 Source: Author:华苇Editor:Kelly


, the first snow came this year, and by the end of the year, unexpectedly, we will make a comprehensive summary of the year's work, and Canada's tax planning problem in 2017 should be one of the most important things!

specialize in, close yourself, do not underestimate the   IMPACT, a chartered accountant has to do most of the Chinese Wei 2017 Canada tax planning for you ! Read and earn!


  rate change;

Canada residents holding Private Companies CCPC

  tax rate:               Canada ( CCPC) residents holding Private Companies small business income tax rate within 50 million canadiandollars 2017 maintained at 15% (including federal and provincial tax). [notes: 2018 will be reduced to 14.5%, from 2019 to 13.5%. ]

                CCPC in the passive investment income tax rate is maintained at 50.17% 2017, which can refund part of rate remained at 30.67%. [Note: passive investment income limit $50 thousand in federal new deal will be introduced in 2018, more than part will not enjoy the 30.67% tax rebate, which branch dividends in the days after the time of double taxation, the highest double taxation will exceed 70%. Details in March 2018 to be determined. [

;                 dividend tax rate and dividend tax rebate rate (Refundable Part IV tax) 2017 also maintained at 38.33%. [Note: 2018 will also be affected by the above passive investment income limit .

                associated companies or partners will have tax changes considerably in the fiscal year 2016 after March 21st, please contact us for further detailed planning.


personal income tax rate:

/                 , Ontario personal marginal tax rate 2017, the highest is still 53.5%.

;                 tax-free savings account TFSA 2017 annual limit is still $5500.

/                 from 2016 onwards, the seller's housing need to submit a tax table (including change use, unless file subsection 45 (2) election), and need to specify from the housing tax year copies. If you buy a house that year, if you are not a resident, you can't get a tax-free concession for one year.




small business owners tax; small business owners working plan:

                wages and dividends allocation: due to the high rate of personal tax rate in 2017, owners of payroll tax wages and dividends, and the configuration of the family have a relatively optimized consideration. On 2018 the federal New Deal regulation to the family of dividends, this consideration is particularly important. The best amount of specific please contact us for family planning in 2017 dividends.

                : at the end of the wage wage bonus bonus must be issued in the company at the end of the 179 days, and pay withholding taxes according to law.

                issued low tax dividend :   if any to release capital dividend exemption ( capital dividend).

                the value of lifetime capital tax: note left a large number of undistributed profits or passive investment would make your company reach more than 90% working capital requirements, to enjoy the life of capital appreciation tax lifetime $835716 capital gain exemption (LCGE). Can consider tax deferred reorganization of the remaining funds will be transferred out to enjoy capital gains tax.


at the end of tax planning:

    bit;             can be purchased in advance before the end of the depreciation of fixed assets to increase the tax depreciation.

                accrued unpaid profit plan: payment can be part of the profits for the corporate income tax up to three year extension to pay taxes.

                accrued unpaid capital appreciation plan: such as selling with the seller loan installment payment, capital gains tax can extend five years.

                return the money owed to the company shareholders: must be paid in the second fiscal year loans, tax bureau to tax punitive on shareholder welfare.

                : private health plans with private health plans (PHSP) family medical expenses tax cannot replace the original.

                : record for the use of the vehicle business car mileage (including travel date, destination, mileage, business reasons).


  change:               CCPC: lost by foreigners holding Private Companies becomes non CCPC, will lead to forced tax at the end of the year, and even the company tax provisions (thin capitalization rules). Specific please contact us, in order to further planning.

                : if the rental company employing 6 or more employees alsoEnjoy active small business tax rate.

                sales of more than one million companies: must e-file company income tax returns to be fined.

                : company employees carefully no autonomy employees (such as IT contractor personal services business) the tax rate is 44.5%, and any expenses not deductible. Note:


                  sales of more than 1.5 million companies: e-file HST to avoid tax must be fined (including affiliate sales).

;                 associated company management fee: invoice must be added with HST tax amount.

                trans provincial sales tax: cross provincial sales according to the provincial place of supply must be rules to collect relevant GST/HST.

;                 ; preservation of tax declaration basis: supports input tax credit claims with receipt.


at the end of personal tax; tax planning by

                : charitable donations tax cuts before the end of the related party and donate charity donations, to enjoy the tax credits and the first donation to higher super (up to an additional rebate $1000 donated 25%).

                TFSA buy enough quota: 2017 year $5500 TFSA (tax savings account contribution). If you plan to take money from the TFSA case, suggested in 2017 before the end of this year, because of your TFSA account from the amount will be added to second years can be bought in the limit. Be careful to buy over 1% of the monthly fine of TFSA or RRSP, refer to your tax account for TFSA or RRSP limit, or consult us for further understanding.

                : investment capital loss loss on sale before the end of the year (the stock or fund), in order to offset the year capital appreciation. The loss of the stock can not be sold back within 30 days, or superficial loss processing.

                : home loan interest paid between family members must pay interest on the loan in January 30, 2018, so the relevant investment income was attribution of income.


effective tax Investment:

                the value-added investment opportunities project held in other than RRSP or TFSA, the investment holding with interest in [/strWithin the ong]RRSP or TFSA because of the higher interest income tax, tax deductible in RRSP or TFSA.

                high income people can consider the establishment of investment companies, but the tax deferred may It differs from man to man.. [Note: the federal new deal will introduce 50 thousand Canadian dollars in 2018 passive investment income limit, the change may affect the investment company tax, the details will not be announced until March 2018, please consult with us. ]

                have the money to repay the interest tax if not loans (such as private credit card or mortgage), rather than the first investment loans (tax deductible) or student loans (tax credit).



-   declaration of foreign information;               overseas assets declaration: one year at any time within certain overseas assets of more than $10 million to declare the T1135 table .

overseas enterprises to declare: hold 10% or more overseas companies to declare 1134 tables, and foreign accrual property may income (FAPI) complex tax provisions.

read above can only understand about, really want to relate to specific problems and specific details of the tax return, there will be too much tedious and troublesome, specialize in, close a, please advice and assistance to help professional accountants!

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