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[exclusive] Why do buyers and sellers of buyers and sellers, brokers, sellers bad?

Datetime:2017/11/7 Source:经纪人文章信息 Author:熊婕Editor:Kelly

Canada's contract to buy a house is a big decision, signing a contract is also a very serious legal act. The contract is binding on both parties, and the contract can not be amended or cancelled arbitrarily, otherwise the liability for breach of contract should be paid. Signing contracts does involve many aspects. Let us first understand the following common problems!

Multiple Representation Agreement

, a broker representing buyers and sellers, I usually suggest that buyers find another broker or introduce a buyer broker, which is a common phenomenon!

in this case, the buyer and seller may be pressure broker Commission, brokers both sides have to bear responsibility, not good, very easy to eat the lawsuit.

if the broker represents both parties, the buyer asks the broker how much the seller's bottom price is,   and the broker has the responsibility to answer (if he knows) the above buyer's liability.

but in accordance with the responsibility of the seller client, but does not allow brokers to disclose the seller's bottom price.  what can the broker do?

can not disclose information to the buyer or seller on the other side, at most shut down, pass on both sides of the offer. Foreigners also love lawsuits, do this kind of single, brokers need to be careful. What's the advantage of signing a contract with


some buyers don't even want to sign contracts. They think it's easier or cheaper to make a private transaction! For house sale contracts, the Ontario property law has detailed explanations and responsibilities.

buyers must know that the contract is to protect the interests of both sides, if not signed, the possibility of being fooled more. Once the contract has become a Client, I suggest that we should work together and run in order to achieve win-win results. We can't get together, nor do we.

remember: you can always terminate the contract when you sign it.

although the real estate law stipulates that the guests belong to the intermediary company, not the broker, so the cancellation of the contract must be signed by the boss in order to enter into force.

and the boss will say you're not happy with the broker, and I'll have something else for you. I will do my best to do the work of the boss of the company, let the guests go, the mountain does not turn water, hope to have the opportunity to cooperate again, do not want to go to the black road.

sign not sign agency agreement?

each broker will have its own way of flexible processing, generally have the following situations:

generally, if the guests are not willing to sign the contract, to talk about the business after the signing of the supplement. Because this contract is required by the real estate bureau and must be handed in, please understand.

2. OFFER sign this particular house before.

) sign a fixed area, short time contract, such as only sign Oakville, time three months, etc., the region and time can be adjusted. The key point is whether the clients have confidence in the broker.

, of course, also heard that some brokers in offer, the Buyer Representation Agreement on the inside, the guests not clear sign, it is forcibly bundled.

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